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TranceSylvania Episode 060 (20-Mar-2014)



  1. TranceSylvania Intro
  2. Dreamy - Why Don't You See [Akku Remix] [Trancefixion Digital]
  3. Deathmind - Bang! [Original Mix] [Discover Dark]
  4. Damian Wasse - Azeroth [TrancEye Remix] [Redux]
  5. Igor Dyachkov - Generation [Original Mix] [Silent Shore]
  6. Monada - Teleport [Dreamy Banging Mix] [Touchstone]
  7. Manuel Le Saux - Precious [Darren Porter Remix] [Flux Delux]
  8. Danny Oh - Revelation [O.B.M Notion Remix] [Beyond The Stars]
  9. UDM - Canyon [Original Mix] [D.Max]
  10. Pedro Delgardo vs. Reaky - Eskylator [Peter Plaznik Dark Sessions Remix] [Discover Dark]
  11. Mark Sherry pres. Outburst - Live & Learn [Original Mix] [Detox]


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